4th Annual Gig Rowing Charity Challenge


The 4th Annual Gig Rowing Charity Challenge took place on Wednesday 21 June at Loe Beach with kind permission from the owners.  From the end of May we offered training for crews at our normal club night, we were delighted to welcome 12 teams from Cornwall Council, where they were taught basic rowing skills.  At the event 72 rowers took part in short races, this year the standard was particularly high, the winners were crew 16+ (for the 3rd consecutive year).  A great time was had by all.  A BBQ was provided by team ‘Burger Off’ and a raffle was also held.

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The event raised a massive £677.40 for Macmillan Cancer, the Cove.  The gig entries totalled £360, £250 of which went to the Truro River Rowing Club and the Club contributed £110 to the charity which helped make up the grand total of £677.40.

Those that took part did exceedingly well, details of the Cornish Pilot Gig Association were circulated to everyone for those that wanted to perhaps join a gig club local to their own area:- http://www.cpga.co.uk/clubs/

At  Truro – we’d be delighted to welcome anyone wanting to give gig rowing a try, our Club Night is on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm we aim to cater for all abilities between the ages of 10 – 75!’

Spring Events


TRRC are fit ready for The World Pilot Gig Championships

The World Pilot Gig Championships is taking place on the Isles of Scilly from Friday 28 April until Sunday 30 April, news on the tournament can be accessed via Radio Scilly at the following link http://www.scillytoday.com/


Full details on the racing can be accessed from the following web page http://www.worldgigs.co.uk/

Truro has shipped its 3 wooden racing gigs over to Scilly they are: Spurr, Messack and The Royal.

Good Luck to all crews taking part

Club morning

There will be no club morning on Sunday 30 April due to the Championships, now the evenings are lighter Club will resume on Tuesday evenings from 6pm commencing on Tuesday 9 May 2017

Junior Club

Our Junior Club training will also commence on Tuesday

9 May from 5.30 pm – details on Junior rowing can be accessed from the main Junior page on our website.

Launch on new training gig

launch poster 2017

This gig has been named after Paul Williams, who sadly passed away last year.  The Williams Family have been very important to the TRRC throughout the years and owe them a great thanks for their continued support. They own Loe Beach where are based and we launch off every week and Paul Williams daughter, Jo Pearce was a co-founder of the gig club.


Past Memories of Malpas Regatta and Truro River Rowing Club


These lovely photographs have been given to us by John Jackett who rowed for Truro River Rowing Club in 1950s. They give us a real glimpse into the history of the Malpas Regatta, which has been a real community event for years. You can see ladies in their Sunday best, sail boats, pleasure steamers full of passengers and rowing boats of all sizes.

The Malpas Regatta is a very history event with the earliest recorded of a regatta being held on the Truro River in 1559.

In the report from 1889 below the author expresses the view that the regatta should be called the Henley of the West.

1889 - Truro Regatta

1901 - Malpas Regatta another view

1901 – Malpas Regatta another view

1909 - Malpas Regatta

1909 – Malpas Regatta

1911 – Malpas Regatta

1946 - regatta day

1946 – Malpas Regatta

1950s – Home Guard Trip

1956 – Regatta report and results. Note the different categories

1958 – Ready for a Regatta trip

Malpas Rowers date unknown

Truro Boys


TRYRC – 18 footer crewed by Charlotte Beswetherick – Cox, Sylvia, Phyllis and Mabel James with Molly Gunn at bow



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Two of Cornwall’s most important women swapped officialdom for the ocean this week when they took up the quintessentially Cornish sport of gig rowing for the first time.

High Sheriff Jane Hartley and Chief Executive of Cornwall Council Kate Kennally were invited by Truro River Rowing Club to come along to their weekly club session from Loe Beach at Feock.

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“They showed real promise,” said club captain Jacqui Rapier. “For novice rowers, they got into the rhythm quickly and performed incredibly well. We’ll have them back any time!”

It’s all part of Mrs Hartley’s Active Eight Charity Challenge, in which the High Sheriff has pledged to try eight new sports during her Shrieval year. Her aim is to raise money and awareness for her mental health fund, which focuses on sport and outdoor activity for young people.

“Gig rowing is at the heart of the Cornish way of life,” said Mrs Hartley, “so I was determined to give it a go as part of my challenge this year. Kate didn’t take much persuading to join me – it beats the office, doesn’t it?”

Mrs Hartley will also be having a go at commando abseiling (descending from a cliff head first), underwater hockey and BMXing. Already ticked off the list is wheelchair tennis, fencing and a biathlon.

High Sheriff 8

If you would like to follow her on her sporting adventures, go to her High Sheriff of Cornwall Active Eight Challenge Facebook page.

You can also support her here: