Past Memories of Malpas Regatta and Truro River Rowing Club

These lovely photographs have been given to us by John Jackett who rowed for Truro River Rowing Club in 1950s. They give us a real glimpse into the history of the Malpas Regatta, which has been a real community event for years. You can see ladies in their Sunday best, sail boats, pleasure steamers full of passengers and rowing boats of all sizes.

The Malpas Regatta is a very history event with the earliest recorded of a regatta being held on the Truro River in 1559.

In the report from 1889 below the author expresses the view that the regatta should be called the Henley of the West.

1889 - Truro Regatta

1901 - Malpas Regatta another view

1901 – Malpas Regatta another view

1909 - Malpas Regatta

1909 – Malpas Regatta

1911 – Malpas Regatta

1946 - regatta day

1946 – Malpas Regatta

1950s – Home Guard Trip

1956 – Regatta report and results. Note the different categories

1958 – Ready for a Regatta trip

Malpas Rowers date unknown

Truro Boys


TRYRC – 18 footer crewed by Charlotte Beswetherick – Cox, Sylvia, Phyllis and Mabel James with Molly Gunn at bow